Frequently Asked Questions

Can the host family adopt the child?

Kindred Connections focuses solely on family preservation, seeking to provide familial support and stabilization. Kindred Connections provides a safe alternative to child welfare custody without involving the complexities of the court. If the state needed to step into the crisis situation Kindred Connections would not be involved. 

How long does a child usually stay with a host family?

The average length of stay is about six weeks, but placements can last from one day to a year. The Kindred Connections team sets a family plan at the time of placement to estimate the length of stay. Factors that determine the length of hosting include the severity of the family’s crisis, the willingness and ability of the parent to address the issues involved in the crisis, and the host families ability and availability.

What is the background of the children placed in a Kindred Connections family?

These are children coming from sometimes very difficult circumstances. Each child will respond to the situation differently, depending on their personality and coping skills. Some may show little response to the circumstances in their lives, while others may be deeply affected. Please note that the children placed by Kindred Connections are not believed to be victims of abuse and neglect.

What ages of children does Kindred Connections serve?

Kindred Connections ministry can provide hosting for newborns through adolescents (0-18)

What type of contact will the host family have with the parent(s)?

Parents maintain full custody of their child, and are encouraged to participate in decisions regarding their child’s care while being hosted. Kindred Connections’ aim is to facilitate a relationship between volunteers and parent(s), in which the Host Family becomes a kind of “extended family” for the family in crisis. We encourage host families to maintain a relationship with the family even after the placement ends

What Types of situations do the children come from?

The children come from families that are experiencing a crisis of one sort or another. Such crises might include financial problems, unemployment and homelessness. In other cases, children come from families in which the parent needs time to heal physically or emotionally, or is recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Some children come from families in which the mother is being abused. Still other families are thrown into crisis when a parent is remanded to a correctional institution for a period of time. While these and other kinds of crises are traumatic, they also offer the opportunity for positive personal and familial transformations. Acceptance of the child into Kindred Connections is based on whether a family is available to care for that child when placement is being requested. Some Host Families are able to accept sibling groups and parenting/pregnant teens.