All of us have experienced a crisis and can remember the first phone call or visit from a friend or family member that cared. Some families face crisis and no one knows. No one calls when they are hopeless. Kindred Connections walks beside these families by providing mentoring relationships for parents and temporary housing for children in times of need. In partnership with local churches, volunteers build connections with vulnerable families and open their homes to children. While their children are safe, parents can address the difficult season of life. Problems such as addiction, domestic abuse, illness, unemployment, or homelessness can make it impossible for parents to care for their children. Children are especially at-risk for neglect or abuse as their parents struggle to cope with difficult circumstances and emotions. Kindred Connections keeps children safe and gives families hope.

Host Family Guidelines

Host families will be offered a wide array of training opportunities and resources to support them as they open their homes and hearts to children in the Kindred Connections Network. To be considered for a volunteer position, individuals and families must meet our criteria.

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Our Impact

Under the most ideal circumstances, parenting can be a difficult journey. When substance abuse, serious illness, incarceration, or other concerning issues complicate the act of parenting, families need help. We strive to provide that help.

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Who We Help

Kindred Connections serves any child for any reason at any time, families of any size with children of any age and for any crisis. If the resources are available to help, Kindred Connections will meet the need.

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